It costs JPY 2,500 for a bunk bed in Mixed Dorm / Female Dorm in August 2019 !



rate in JPY / per person  per night / including tax

 ★Since July 1st 2019 Mar - Jul & Sep - Dec Aug &  Jan - Feb
mix/fem dorm 3,000 3,200 
single private* 4,200* 4,400*
twin private 3,600 3,800
triple private 3,300 3,500
quad private 3,000 3,200

*single private:not reservable on Sat. and busy days

In dorm rooms, the door is not locked. There are bright but noisy "trainview" beds on 2F & 3F,  quiet but dark "standard" beds on 2F.  If you like good trainview from 3F, ask us when you make booking.

It is quiet and dark in the female dorm, and the bunk beds are firmly made.  Only 4 beds.


Private rooms are on 3F. There are bright but noisy "trainview" rooms,  and quiet but dark "standard" rooms. If you like good trainview, ask us when you make booking.

long stay discount

5-9 nights JPY200 discount       <per person per night>
10-15 nights - JPY500 discount <per person per night>

These apply to payment in advance.

For longer stay, ask us.


Please let us know by 2 days before.


Please pay 100% for cancellation of today and tomorrow.

faciliteis and rentals

  washing machine:  JPY 100
  dryer:  JPY 100

  washing powder:  free

  free WiFi
  common PC

parking lot nearby
  JPY 100 / 30 min
  JPY 800 / 24 hours (2 min walk) 
  JPY 900 / 24 hours (5 min walk) 





towel  JPY 100


  JPY 100 / 2 hours

  JPY 300 / day (morning - evening)