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■ Forthcoming events in Nagano City


The House of Sanada:  Hands-on experiences of their lifestyle/culture


Matsushiro, a historical district of Nagano City, is famous for an old family, the House of Sanada, which lived and prospered in the Edo era.

Several programs to experience their lifestyle/culture are available now.

Lifestyle:  Kimono (cloth), Sado (tea), Sokyoku (music), Kodo (incense)

Activity:  Kyudo (archery), Kobudo (martial arts)

In addition to programs held on specific dates, you could join one at any time you want if you apply for it five days before.

For more details, please ask us.

[If you read and speak Japanese, visit the website of Ecole de Matsushiro and ring them.]

<Apr-Jul & Sep-Nov>


Mixed / Female Dorm:  JPY 2,700


Private Room:  (rate per person)

  Single:  JPY 3,600*

  Twin:    JPY 3,300

  Triple:  JPY 3,000

  Quad:   JPY 2,700




<Aug & Dec-Mar>


Mixed / Female Dorm:  JPY 2,900


Private Room:  (rate per person)

  Single:  JPY 3,800*

  Twin:    JPY 3,500

  Triple:  JPY 3,200

  Quad:   JPY 2,900


*Single Room:  Unavailable on Saturdays and busy days




Many tourists visit MONKEY PARK(Jigokudani) from here.


English guidance available


Closed occasionally (without notice) when we do not have reservation. 

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Click to more detail map



check-in  16:00-21:00


You may be able to drop your luggage before 16:00 and come again after 16:00.

Please ask us at booking.


check-out  by 10:30
10:30-16:00 LOCK OUT

(You cannot stay in the hostel even though you are staying another night)


You can leave your luggage and pick it up later. 

To pick up during lockout hours(10:30-16:00), please ask us.

no curfew in the night time

*** sightseeing and event information ***


general info---Take a look at: Go! Nagano - Official Travel Guide of Nagano(prefecture)



Many foreign guests visit (Snow) Monkey Park(Jigokudani) from our hostel.

The easiest and fastest way is to take a straight bus.