■ Rooms

● Mixed Dorm ● 2nd/3rd Floors


  • Dorm for both male and female people.
  • Every dorm has bunk beds. There is no key to the door.
  • Bed facilities:  lamp, curtains, outlet/socket
  • Room facilities (as necessary):  AC, fan, blankets

● Female Dorm ● 2nd/3rd Floors


  • Dorm only for female people.
  • Every dorm has bunk beds. There is no key to the door.
  • Bed facilities:  lamp, curtains, outlet/socket
  • Room facilities (as necessary):  AC, fan, blankets

● Private Room ● 3rd Floor


  • Private room for between one and four persons.
  • Every room has a futon (a set of mattress and duvet). There is a key to the door, which closes automatically.
  • You might find a painting on the walls in some rooms.
  • Room facilities (as necessary):  AC, fan, blankets


  • Note:  We are afraid that you cannot reserve a private room on Saturdays and holidays if you are staying alone. We kindly ask you to reserve it for two or more people or reserve a dorm instead.

About Rooms


  • Free Wi-Fi is available in all dorms/private rooms.
  • The elevator is not availble. We ask you to go up and down the stairs to your rooms.
  • We are sorry it is cold in the corridors in winter. But heaters are available in your rooms and showers.
  • No rooms have private facilities (bathroom/shower). We ask you to use shared bathrooms/showers on the 1st and 2nd floors. Especially, because all private rooms are on the 3rd floor, those who stay there have to go downstairs to use a bathroom/shower.
  • We ask you to make your bed.
  • We ask those who stay at a dorm to stay quietly in order not to disturb other people's sleeping.

■ Facilities

● Living Room ● 1st Floor

The living room has a tatami floor. You are welcome to communicate with other guests, read a book or cook in the next kitchen and eat there.

You can use a common PC too.

On the counter are a microwave, toaster, hot water dispenser as well as free drinks such as coffee, tea and Japanese tea.

● Kitchen ● 1st Floor


Next to the living room is the kitchen.

Basic seasoning like salt, pepper and soy sauce, cooking utensils and plates are available.

We kindly ask you to wash all cooking utensils and the dishes and put them on the drainboard.

Ask us for a rice cooker or single burner.

The nearby supermarkets are JC Seisen-Ichiba (生鮮市場; 1-minute walk; opens between 9:30 - 19:30) and SEIYU (西友; 5-minute walk; opens 24/7).

● Bathrooms ● 1st/2nd Floors


We have three bathrooms, all of which are western-style.

● Showers ● 2nd Floor


We have two showers, which are available from 16:00 to 9:30 in the morning.

Both are equipped with free 2-in-1 shampoo+conditioner and body wash.

A rental towel is available at JPY 100.


● Laundry ● 2nd Floor


Washing machine:  JPY 100 / 30 minutes

Clothes dryer:  JPY 100 / 15 minutes

Detergent:  free


Instead of using a dryer, you can hang your laundry on the washing line, then turn the fan on to make it dry faster.

● Parking Space ●


A few bicycles can be put in front of the hostel. But the street is likely to have a lot of traffic and there is no roof there. If it worries you to leave your bicycle there, we kindly ask you to park at free public parking lot, which is next to the supermarket JC Seisen-Ichiba, 1-minute walk from here.

In addition, you can leave your bicycle inside the front entrance if yours is not so big.


About car parking, see Access page.

● Side Entrance ●


We ask you to go out and come in through the side entrance at night.

We are explaining to you how to use it at your check-in.


Note:  Smoking is not allowed inside the hostel. If you smoke, we ask you to do outside the side entrance, where there is an ashtray.

● Rooftop ●


The hostel is five stories high, and above the 5th floor is the rooftop.

You can look out a view of Nagano City and mountains.

The glow of the rising and setting sun is also beautiful.

We ask you to walk upstairs there because the elevator is unavailable.

The lights on the 4th and 5th floors are usually off, so we ask you to turn it on and off.

Note:  If you smoke there, please don't forget to put out a cigarette.