5 minutes' walk from JR Nagano Station

  • Go to Zenkoji exit. Go downstairs and then turn left.
  • Walk around the Hotel Metropolitan counterclockwise.
  • Turn left at "Nagano sta.-minami" crossing.
  • Walk 200m with railroads on your left, and you will find our signboard next to a Yakitori bar.

The movie below (1 minute) shows how to get to this hostel from Nagano Station.

Nearby parking lots


We don't have our own parking lot. Please pay and park at a nearby parking lot if you drive to the hostel. We recommend three parking lots in the map. They are within a few minutes' walk.


Time's Nagano Nakagosho / タイムズ 長野中御所

(Green one on the map)

・JPY 700 / 12hours

・1‐7‐7, Nakagosho, Nagano City


Town Park Nakagosho #2 / タウンパーク 中御所第2  (Yellow one on the map)

・JPY 880 / 24 hours

・1-9, Nakagosho, Nagano City



how to go to Nagano city




JR(Nagano Shinkansen, Shinonoi line, Shin-etsu line, Iiyama line)

Shinano railroad





There are highway buses from/to Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, Nagoya, Kyoto, Osaka, Niigata etc.


There are also many local buses. See the companies below:


bus companies
Alpico bus

  • Togakushi, Zenkoji, Matsushiro, Kawanakajima(Zenkoji exit bus stop)
  • Hakuba/Tsugaike, Omachi, Myoko, Kamikochi, Matsumoto(East exit bus stop)
  • Shinjuku, Nagoya, Kyoto, Osaka(East exit bus stop)

Arena bus 

  • Shinjuku(JPY2500)、Kyoto/Osaka(JPY3700~) at JA Nagano(Nagano bus terminal) bus stop

Nagaden bus

  • Ikebukuro, Kyoto/Osaka, Niigata(Zenkoji-exit, NACS-suehiro)
  • Shiga, Nozawa(East exit)